steganography for the popculture

store hidden messages in image glitches

drop an image here to encode or decode


  • Add an image to the black area using drag and drop or by clicking on "drop an image here to encode or decode". (this can be used for decoding too)
  • Type a message in the area on the left to see how the image glitches depending on the text you enter
  • You should use the latest Browser for this
  • Works best with medium sized JPG
  • Animated GIFs works best with Firefox and Safari
  • No Message or Image is stored on our server. The en/decoder runs entirely in the browser.


Glitxt was kickstarted during Art Day Hack 2013 at LEAP Berlin. Related to the theme "going dark", we wanted a way to encode a message in a picture to conceal the text, but also make it obvious to the human eye that the image is hiding something. It is not an advanced encryption method, but it still makes it difficult for automated data mining programs to extract the message hidden in the image.

This is a project of Christopher Pietsch, Paul Vollmer, Tim Pulver

Drop us a line via Email or Twitter


Api Documentation You can use our Api to decode or encode pictures on our server. The live glitching tool above is made in HTML5 + JS and runs in your browser.

curl -i